k - so the Cache Valley Tourney is complete.  We had a decent showing.  We had one loss and 3 wins.  The best part -- we finally beat Green Canyon (B) who has had our number all year.  They have a great team and our boys really enjoy playing against them.  This was a nice victory for the team.

We'll post more info on the state tourney under a separate menu item.


Parents and Players on Bingham Ultimate team --

Can you believe we are already 6 weeks into our season?  And we only have two weeks left?  We have already played 22 games -- but will play another 8-13 games in the next two weeks.  That means by the end of the season we will have played between 30-35 games! 
So -- the main purpose of this thread -- this Saturday's (8-May) tournament in Logan . . .
We will be playing our games at :
Bridger Elementary School 
1261 N 400 W
Logan, UT 84341
We will have a game at 9am, 10:30am, 12pm, and 2:30pm.
The game lengths will be on a 60 minute hard-cap -- which means when the horn blows at 60 minutes then we finish that point and the game is over -- if there is a tie at the end of the point then we play another point to determine the winner (called a 'universe point').
After all of the games we will move over to Elk Ridge Park (1190 E 2500 N, Logan, UT 84341) for the awards ceremony and All-Star games.
According to Google, the drive time from South Jordan to Bridger Elementary is about 1hr 45 minutes.  We want all players at Bridger by 8:30am Saturday -- which means departure from South Jordan on Saturday morning would be before 6:45am.
I am planning to go up to Logan Friday afternoon with my family so I won't be a great source for a ride for the boys.
If you need help with rides -- or if you have some extra space for someone to ride with you -- will you get the boys to reply on the GroupMe chat?  That way we can make sure we all have a way to get up there.
Let me know if you have any questions -- or please let me know if you know you and/or your boy won't be able to make it this weekend so I make sure I'll have enough players.
We will be playing 5v5 -- so we obviously need at least 5 players.  Carter has separately confirmed with most of the players to see if they can make it on Saturday.  Most have said they can make it so we shouldn't be working the boys as hard as we did last Fri/Sat. 
By the way -- many of you probably already know, but you can get our schedule on your phone with the following shared google calendar link (managed by UUDA so it won't show our Tues/Thurs 4:30-6:30 practices).  Go to https://utahultimate.org/t/bingham-boys-b-team/schedule/event_id/active_events_only/game_type/all and select the option to sync your calendar.  Select the appropriate option and then your phone will now show the schedule.
Thank you --
(Coach -- along with Patrick Taggart who we recently raggled into helping us lately - thanks Patrick)
Field Layout for Bridger Elementary . . .