Ultimate at a Glance . . .

Some call it Ultimate Frisbee, others may call it Frisbee Football or Ultimate Disc ‐‐ but the official name of the sport is just "Ultimate."  The game is played on a field roughly the size of a football field. There are seven players on each team. A team scores by advancing the Disc (Frisbee) to the opponent's end‐zone. A player cannot run with the disc ‐‐ thus the only method of advancing the disc is by throwing the disc to a team‐mate. A turnover results from an incomplete pass, a catch out‐of‐bounds, or from the other team intercepting the disc. After a turnover the other team immediately picks up the disc and tries to advance the disc to their opponents end‐zone. Generally the teams play to a predetermined score (ie, 15 points). A score is worth one point.

Bingham Ultimate FAQ's


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Scientists believe 400 million years ago humans originated as an ape.  It took over 100 million years to develop into a bi-ped.  After another 100 million years they had developed the skills to hunt.  Eventually they were developed enough to play other competitive sports.  It has only been in the last 30 years that humans have advanced to the point where they could compete in 'Ultimate'.

Prove your evolution -- PLAY ULTIMATE !

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