While quite often stats may not tell the full story -- sometimes it is fun to track our team leaders.  The numbers below track the top three team players in four categories . . .

  1. '+ / -' tracks how well the team scores while the player is on the field.  A positive number reflects how many more points our team scores than our opponent scores while that player is on the field.
  2. 'D' tracks the number of "D's" the player gets while playing defense.  A 'D' would be a forced turnover (ie, knock down the disc, effective mark, etc.)
  3. 'Goal' will track the number of scores the player caught in the end zone. 
  4. 'Assist' tracks the number of throws for a score.  Almost every point is scored with one player throwing and another player catching in the end-zone.  The assist is the player throwing the score.


Last Game . . . (Green Canyon)

Green Canyon 13 vs Bingham 9


Cumulative Stats . . .


Previous Games . . .

Lehi Stats (Bingham 11 Lehi 3)

Timpview Stats (Bingham 12 Timpview 11)