What is Ultimate?
Some call it Ultimate Frisbee, others may call it Frisbee Football or Ultimate Disc ‐‐ but the official name of the sport is just "Ultimate."  The game is played on a field roughly the size of a football field. There are seven players on each team. A team scores by advancing the Disc (Frisbee) to the opponent's end‐zone. A player cannot run with the disc ‐‐ thus the only method of advancing the disc is by throwing the disc to a team‐mate. A turnover results from an incomplete pass, a catch out‐of‐bounds, or from the other team intercepting the disc. After a turnover the other team immediately picks up the disc and tries to advance the disc to their opponents end‐zone. Generally the teams play to a predetermined score (ie, 15 points). A score is worth one point.

Who can be on the Bingham Ultimate Team?
The team is for any Bingham High Student. Students from other schools that do not have an Ultimate team are allowed to play with the Bingham High Team.

Where are most of the games / practices ?
Most of our practices will be held at Elk Ridge Middle School (98th South and Bangerter Highway). Our 'home' games are at the same location. We will play both 'Home' and 'Away' games during the season. There are over 40 teams in the state this year from Logan to Sanpete County. Typically Saturdays are for tournaments. We'll play in Weber County, Davis County, Salt Lake County, and Utah County. We may even play up in Cache County this year ‐‐ if the team decides.

When do you practice? When are the games?
We practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays with games on Wednesdays.  Saturdays we will either have a tournament or play some pick-up games. The team captains will decide which tournaments to attend and what teams to schedule for our duals. The league will schedule most of our games, but we may schedule some of our mini-tourneys.  We play as many games as we choose and practice as often as we choose. In past years we have played between 30-40 games. Sometimes tournaments may be a two day tournament starting Friday afternoon and continuing thru most of Saturday.

Do I need to be in good physical shape to play Ultimate?
If you are not in good physical shape on Day 1 then you will be in good shape before our 3 month season concludes. It is common for a player to run between 5‐8 miles during one game. On a Friday/Saturday tournament we can play up to 8 games ‐‐ which means our kids might be running 50 to 60 or more miles in a two‐day tournament.

How do I keep up to date on the schedule?
We keep a Google Calendar. You can subscribe to the calendar through Google. Additionally, the team website also displays the team calendar. The team calendar will have the location of events as part of the calendar entry as well so the Google Calendar is the #1 tool you can use to keep up with what is happening with the team. We also plan to use WhatsApp Messenger to Group Text.

What is your main form of Communication?
GroupMe is the preferred communication tool for the team.  This website will also be updated frequently -- but GroupMe or the team calendar are the primary methods for getting information out to the team.

What is our Club Goal?
To play an active role in a student's academic experience by exposing its participants to teamwork, personal accomplishment, mutual respect, and integrity while promoting a healthy exercise program that will continue past their high school graduation.